Quote of the Day: Scripture by Sinclair Ferguson

All of the word of God is for all of the people of God all of the time.

–Sinclair Ferguson, Message 4, Interview with Sinclair Ferguson & Chris Larson (June 22, 2011)

Part of what concentrating on the Old Testament for two years showed me is how true this statement is. I don’t believe in ‘progressive revelation’–that the later part of the Bible is much more important than the earlier (as I understand it). Edit: please see the first comment below for a correction. You can say that the cross is the most important component, but then that’s what the whole of the Bible points to or is geared for and compared to. Not every verse can be tied directly to the cross of course, but every verse has value and the whole book should be read many times. If we don’t see the value of the book of Numbers, there are plenty of authors we can read who will tell us why which will pique our interest in it all.

I’ve been a Christian for over 25 years and I’ve read through every word of the Old Testament only three times. I can say there are other books I’ve read over 25 times but that doesn’t necessarily make up for it. And even though that’s more than 90% of what other “Christians” have done, it just shows how Biblically illiterate the Evangelical church has become.

I will be announcing a new e-book coming out (not by me) regarding enthusiastically reading and studying the whole Bible in a gospel centered way. Stay tuned.

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  1. 1 Bryan

    Just a note that caught my eye. “Progressive revelation” has not historically meant that the later part of the Bible is more important than the earlier, but it is instead tied to salvation history. It is progressive in the sense that over time, God revealed more and more about his plan of salvation. For example, it moves from the conquering seed of Eve (Gen 3:15) to one who will bless the nations as Abraham’s seed, to a King like David, to a King greater than David, to the One who is God and will rescue Israel from exile, to the Son of Man of Daniel 7. More and more about this Messiah and how he will save us is revealed (hence the progression), until it was ultimately revealed in the person and work of Christ. Thus, it’s not about Scripture’s importance, but how much information and how clear that information is regarding the person and work of Christ. Genesis 3:15 is just as inspired, however, as John 3:16.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Bryan, thank you very much for the correction and explanation. What I read somewhere else had it wrong. I don’t know what the term is for what I was thinking then. I just think the whole OT is very important (2 Tim 3:16, Rom 15:4).

    I won’t correct what I wrote, just put a little note in there to see your comment. Thanks again.

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