Favorite Book Lists

Ten best books for studying New Testament Greek, excluding his own – Saturday, December 24 6:52 AM at Dave Black Online (scroll down to find it or look in the archives at the bottom of the page in December 2011)

TGC Staff Recommend 2011 Books

2012 Christianity Today Book Awards

My Top Books of 2011 – Tim Challies

Top Ten Books of 2011 by Kevin DeYoung

Top Ten Books of 2011 by Stan McCullars

Sam Storms: Top Ten (!) Books in 2011

Books & Culture‘s Book of the Year

My 5 Favorite Books of 2011 by Marc Cortez

Top 2011 List — No Order, and No Number
by Daniel Thompson

Any others to add?

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  1. 1 Acidri

    Just a quick reminder…”twisted crown of thorns” is now called “a twisted crown of thorns” and the web link will hence have an “a” to make it atwistedcrownofthorns.com very confusing to me too. Grrrr! 😉

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks for letting me know. I did notice that at some point later on but don’t know if it changed after this post or not. It makes sense either way.

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