God’s Plan for Your Life

Some people say, “God will never reveal his plan for you if you don’t seek out to him for guidance” as Greg Jennings* did. Well if that’s true, I wish God would have told me that I would deal with mental illness, chronic fatigue and chronic back pain so I could be ready for it. But God doesn’t work that way. I can’t find any place in the Bible where God reveals his plans for your life. Certainly he has plans and God’s will comes about no matter what.

Another thing is, when God does supposedly reveals plans, it never seems to be things we would consider negative. But these are the things that God often uses to bring us much closer to him, if we are willing to submit to God’s will.

Just as if God were to answer all of our prayers in the affirmative, can you imagine the chaos if God revealed to us his plans for us? This would have unimaginable ramifications. We need to live by faith and not by sight.

From a human logical point of view, if God revealed to us that we would be successful, we might not work as hard. If he revealed that we would become very ill, we may despair and give up. As far as the small things, learn what God’s will is as well as you can as life goes on, want desperately to please Him, ask for knowledge and wisdom, and if you truly delight in the Lord (Psalm 37:4), do whatever you want.

*I love Greg Jennings and the Packers. He is obviously a brother in the Lord and could very well be more mature (more than I was at his age for sure), more faithful and more knowledgeable that me. I disagree that God will reveal to us specific extra-Biblical material, with some minor exceptions. Jennings does come from a very different denominational background that me. “Be Great” is maybe a subject for another post. I hope he can play at his highest level until he’s at least 40 and keep publicly speaking about God as he matures.

2 Corinthians 5:7 GW
Indeed, our lives are guided by faith, not by sight.

Greg Jennings, Christian Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers

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  1. 1 Stan McCullars

    I have learned from RC Sproul how to know “God’s plan for your life.”

    For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God; that no one transgress and wrong his brother in this matter, because the Lord is an avenger in all these things, as we told you beforehand and solemnly warned you. For God has not called us for impurity, but in holiness. (1Th 4:3-7 ESV)

    For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people. (1Pe 2:15 ESV)

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Going to Scripture? What a concept.

  3. 3 Stan McCullars

    That Sproul guy!

  4. 4 Craig Bennett

    I’m a firm believer in the role of the prophetic for today – but I do not believe that God will ever pre-tell his full plan to any – rather that the role of the prophetic is one of encouragement and guidance.

    For instance in 2001 I had a vision that God had hold of my hand and was walking with me… in 2009 when doo doo really hit the fan in my life…a friend rang me up and hesitantly told me that he was sure God wanted him to tell me that he was still holding my hand.

    Augustine missed the fullness of what that Scripture about desiring mean…within the framework of the OT… the Matthew / Mark scripture means if you seek God with all your heart, mind and strength..you will find / receive the desire of your heart…which is God!

  5. 5 Scripture Zealot

    I knew that there would somebody either very angry or who would disagree. I think you’re disagreeing in part, but in such an irenic way, I’m not sure!

    I can’t argue with God’s methods when he chooses to do something out of the ordinary. Encouragement and guidance are Scriptural obviously.

    I don’t agree that guidance is personal fortune telling as some people believe the ‘word of knowledge’ is.

    How do you believe a prophet works in this day and age? I always respect your views, agree or not. (Mostly the former.)

  6. 6 Stan McCullars

    What to do when, as is so often the case, the prophetic is wrong? How does one determine whether an actual prophetic experience has taken place rather than simple thoughts or dreams?

    Dan Phillips re-posted something at Pyromaniacs today that is highly relevant. I recommend his post and the three links at the bottom of said post.

  7. 7 Craig Bennett

    Hi Jeff, I wasn’t angry with you nor totally disagreeing with you – just stating that I believe in the prophetic for today.

    Hi Stan, I read Dan’s post Stan and think he is making straw man arguments once again….such as his argument about getting ESV to publish a Bible with blank pages. Scripturally the prophetic never adds to scripture: for instance there are no NT prophets who wrote any NT Scripture.

    Yes they are recorded to exist in Scripture and some of what they said and done are recorded in Scripture – but they themselves never wrote any Scripture.

    Jeff, Its within this framework that we have to consider the role of the prophet / prophetic within the modern church era. I’m not convinced that we do have modern prophets – rather we are to be a prophetic people whom Gods spirit can manifest through, over and within a fellowship context.

    Any of the spiritual gifts is a signal that the Spirit of God is manifesting his presence through, over and within us…And its for this reason Paul commands us to eagerly desire the spiritual gifts- it falls in line with eagerly desiring God to move in our midst.

    If we pray for someone to be healed – the person healed receives the gift of healing. If someone receives a prophetic word – its the person receiving it who has received the gift of prophecy.

    For myself – I see the prophetic gifting operating in the area of prayer. There are many times I will start to pray for someone in a particular manner and find out later they needed prayer / help at that time. Sometimes I know that I know that I have to ring someone or go and contact someone – and often find they are in need at that time. When I was a new Christian I asked the Lord to pray through me at church during the time of prayer…

    Boldly I prayed – Lord..still the hand of that person who is planning to commit suicide! It was 8 years later, when I was talking to our cell group about the suicide prevention and awareness network I was setting up between the local churches – that one of the older ladies shared..”Craig- Do you remember the prayer you prayed at church all those years ago – about stilling the hand of those who were suicidal” She went on, I was that lady…My son was in jail, my family was distant, my health was poor and I was in a mess…I had come to church that morning to say my goodbyes and was praying to the Lord if he didn’t want me to take my life to show me he and someone cared….Your prayer shocked me to my core and showed me that God was for me and that people were for me…

    I used to work on a dairy farm…once on the way to work I had a vision / experience of hearing a voice tell me…when you get to work – be careful, there is a snake in the milking shed. In the many years I had worked this farm, I had never seen nor heard of a snake being in the milking shed…it was just to cold for them….but when I arrived at work – I cautiously looked around and found a snake that would have most likely bitten me if I hadn’t have been aware.

    You won’t find any of the instances I shared detailed as a Scripture passage. However the experiences fall within the scriptural experience of the prophetic being used to comfort, encourage,protect and guide.

    Hope this helps…

  8. 8 Stan McCullars

    Sounds fairly subjective to me. I like Dan’s bold proposal: what if we call them hunches, strong impressions, vivid dreams?

    With the track record of most things going by the name prophetic it seems hunches is the more appropriate label.

    The prophetic label, IMHO, raises the bar to an uncomfortably high level for most people using the label.

  9. 9 Scripture Zealot

    Craig, I knew for sure you weren’t angry, I just knew some people would be. It’s good to know you weren’t even totally disagreeing with me in my post, although it’s OK if you do.

    As always, you give me something to think about and have another angle (who receives the gift).

    I do also think some things like these can be subjective. It can be hard to tell. No real way to prove, but also haven’t seen any conclusive proof. A conundrum, and on top of that there may not be ‘proof’.

    Thanks also for explaining your view of a prophet. I simply haven’t thought about that much at all yet.

  10. 10 Acidri

    I will agree with Stan. It’s all subjective.

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