Interesting insight into translation and exegesis

Many of you have seen the “parody of exegetical maximalism” by Moisés Silva. I don’t believe I have so you can see how I found it by going through the trail of interesting articles, mainly dealing with translation and the NIV 2011.

I was reading a rare post at The Voice of Stefan titled The NIV and the Messiah in the Old Testament. He mentioned a post by Rod Decker titled English Bible translation reviews: NIV-11 and ESV. After seeing that, I saw a link to another post of his titled Another exegetical “grump” on grammatical maximalism. From there a commenter named Evan May mentioned that you are able to look at pages 11-13 in God, Language and Scripture by Moisés Silva (Click to LOOK INSIDE! and find the pages), the parody which Decker mentions.

I love commentaries. Sometimes I have to wonder though, if what I’m reading is anything similar to this.

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  1. 1 Esteban Vázquez

    In your honor, I will make that this weekend’s installment of Sundays with Silva. Amen and amen.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    And I am honored. Thanks. Sorry I didn’t say “the infallible” but that’s your thing.

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