Discussion at an old post: Should Christians Observe the Sabbath?

Should Christians Observe the Sabbath?

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3 Responses to “Discussion at an old post: Should Christians Observe the Sabbath?”

  1. 1 Iris Foreman

    Anyone who claims the Bible as their book for spiritual reference and guidance, should definitely observe the Sabbath. One of the 10 commandments that YHWH gave the children of Israel to observe was to remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy. There is not biblical precedence to do otherwise. The Messiah observed the Sabbath. And if he is our guide, should we not do as he did? He did not put an end to the commandments.

    If “Christians” operate under a doctrine that differs from that which is in the Scriptures, then it would make me wonder if they are truly practicing truth. Truth, therefore, is defined as the word of YHWH (Ps 119:160, Jn 17:17). Any doctrine that teaches people to do things that are contrary to YHWH’s word obviously false teaching and should not be practiced.

  2. 2 Stan McCullars

    If Christ is to be our guide, and he is, what are you doing posting something on the Internet? Christ never did.

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    I was all set to make a new post on this, but my views are changing. More towards Iris’, but not for those reasons. But I might still make a post on what I think are errors in logic.

    I don’t think we can say:

    • We should so as the Messiah did. He is the Messiah, we are not. He lived before the Cross, we live after etc. etc. He also did things that are borderline to try to call attention to himself get the Pharisees to think of it not as a legal/command thing. It’s a Sabbath rest (as you know).
    • We can’t make a blanket argument about doing things contrary to YHWH’s teaching. We would then say we are making all sorts of sins of omission. It’s just way too vague.

    Other error:

    • It was written by God’s finger. How could we disobey it? Finger is an anthropomorphism. Just like mouth. God is spirit. Using his finger is no more important than him using his “mouth”, speaking through an angel or whatever.

    There are more, but not Iris’s’s (I don’t know how to do that).

    There is no mandate or mention of anything like it in the NT, although this is coming dangerously close to argument through silence. Some think it’s obvious.

    We are to gather together, break bread in remembrance of Christ, be taught, worship and edify each other. Most do this on the Lord’s Day. But we have some freedom here and the ceremonial type aspects of the Sabbath law have passed away.

    I admit that in reading the confessions that I espouse and quotes from saints that I respect, I haven’t had the same view of “the Sabbath” or whatever you want to call it, as they do. So as I said, I’m rethinking all of this. I also have limitations and let’s say a different lifestyle than most because of my conditions. I’ll leave it at that for now.

    I always respect your opinion Iris and you know your Scripture. I think the guidelines need to be more specific but I know you don’t want to write a book in your comments either.

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