I Felt Led To…

In a recent post I made a comment about some saying “If you feel led…”, which as commenter Nancy pointed out is usually just encouraging people to pray or speak about something.

Here is a post that addresses a similar but wider and dangerous issue that explains exactly how I feel think about these things.


3 Responses to “I Felt Led To…”

  1. 1 Nancy

    That was an excellent post! While I’m not ready to concede that we don’t receive promptings from the Holy Spirit much as Jesus mentioned to Paul (Acts 26:14) It is the reading of the Word of God on a regular basis that lights our path and leads us in the will of God. His written Word is the measure by which all our decisions should be made.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot


  3. 3 Mitchell Powell

    I’d prefer an ‘I think’ or ‘I feel’ or ‘I’m becoming convinced’ to an ‘I felt led.’ Even if one was indeed led by the Holy Spirit to do something, saying ‘I felt led’ can wag one’s feelings around as though they were a prophetic stamp from God himself. It’s an indirect way of setting one’s self up as an infallible person free from criticism.

    I’d rather hear ‘God told me to’ than ‘I felt led to’. At least the claim is then made openly instead of being snuck in backward.

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