Men, Vacations and Reading

You know how a lot of men are? Needing to check stuff off the list? Maybe not enjoying the ride?

You know how when they’re on vacation they like to have an agenda and get everything done and seen in record time?

I seem to be the same way with books. I keep talking about how I’m going to write a post on spending less time on the internet (and I will). Part of the reason is so I can read more. Which really is a good thing. But I have these plans and goals and things like surgery and bouts of certain kinds of stuff keep coming up and messin’ with my plans. Then I want to get back at it and read as much as I can.

I need to learn to relax and just let things happen. I’m not too over the edge. I know I have the rest of my life, however long that is. But I still get a little anxious (like wanting to get things done fast) about checking things off the list.

Right now I’m reading If God Is Good. And it’s really Good. It’s a quote machine. I need to take my time, take notes, highlight, let things sink in.

You know what I’m saying? Are you women like this?

(This was my fastest post ever. I’m not even going to edit it. Need to get back to reading and checking things off the list.)

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