I Put on my W.W.J.D. Bracelet

Are you mad? This fad fortunately came and went. It was fraught with problems I need not go into. But I found it in a closet not even remembering I had one. When I see it, I will think, “What would Jesus have me do?” usually with my time. Or I’ll just think about Jesus. After a week I won’t notice it anymore and I’ll probably take it off. I’m not wearing it for others to see, not that I get out much. No big deal. I’ll use it as a tool to remind me to think about Him frequentlier, which I’m always striving to do more of.

Proverbs 3:5-6 HCSB
Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not rely on your own understanding;
6 think about Him in all your ways,
and He will guide you on the right paths.

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2 Responses to “I Put on my W.W.J.D. Bracelet”

  1. 1 Michael Acidri

    when you get famous please send me your bracelet.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    If it will help, I’ll send you my smelly bracelet.

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