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FAQ: Why DO bad things happen to “good” people? – amazing how much good information he gives in 2 1/2 minutes, with pointers to more

NETBibleTagger – Automatically Tag and Quote Scripture References on Your Site – This is similar to another very popular one we are used to, and uses the NET translation. Otherwise the main difference that I can see is that it will show a whole passage–even a chapter, in the pop-up window using scrollbars. has free desktop wallpaper

Snow storm HT: Challies

If you happen to like cats, here are some very high quality pictures. These are of all sorts breeds taken at shows. I said I wouldn’t post pictures of my cats on this blog and I’m sticking to it. However if for some reason you would want to see them, and some other stuff, there are plenty on my Flickr stream, also linked in the right column.

I’ve read people asking for “feed back” but they never gave me any feed. Feedback makes more sense on a blog.

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