One More Bible Reading Post

This is for people still trying to decide on a plan if that’s what they plan on doing this year but mostly for those who have a very hard time with it or may have given up already.

As I wrote in Opposite Bible Reading Plans, for just about every plan, there are people who will write about how it changed their lives or revolutionized their reading and understanding of the Bible. That’s what reading the Bible does, doesn’t it? Two good sources are Bible Reading Plans for 2011 and Reading Plans at YouVersion.

If you haven’t read through the Bible and want to ease into it, On Reading the Scriptures, Part I and On Reading the Scriptures, Part II will be of help and is a great method in any case.

There are some of you reading this post who have an extraordinarily difficult time reading anything that takes concentration, whether it’s because of mental illness, medication, pain, learning disability or whatever. As the first of the previous links quotes, “it is better to read a single chapter of the Scriptures every day without fail, than to read 15 or 20 on an irregular, impulsive basis1.” And as someone else has said, nowhere in the Bible does it say that we need to read through it once a year.

There is no timetable, schedule, deadline, demand or guilt put on us by God. Although those who are able must get to know and spend time in the Bible, for those who it is a great challenge, just read one paragraph a day and think on it afterwards or later in the day. If you can’t read, there are many audio sources out there for free. For this too, you can do a small amount a day. With all this talk of reading through the Bible in a year, or twice a year or 90 days, I want to encourage those who may feel guilt because of an unusual situation, to give it their all to just read a little and know that God is pleased with you because of what Christ did on the cross for you, not because of what you do. If you have limitations, God knew you would have these (Psalm 139:13-16) and created you to glorify Him (John 9:2-3).

1. Cf. Orthodox Daily Prayers (South Canaan: St Tikhon’s Seminary Press, 1982), page 3: “It is better to say a few prayers every day without fail than to say a great number of prayers on an irregular, impulsive basis.”

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