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Christmas: The Hinge of History at The Gospel Coalition – Bryan says, “Trust me, you’ll want to read it.”

I updated an earlier post titled “For God so loved the world” with links at the bottom. Let me know if you have an opinion.

Does God have a purpose for false teachers?

Caring about All Suffering, Especially Eternal Suffering

There are a lot of lot of blog posts that have photography tips that just state the obvious. Some of them don’t even include pictures! I tried to find some that are at least decent for Christmas, except for the last one which is excellent but only on one topic. If these are over your head, well, you’re probably hopeless anyway. (smiley) Just remember to fill the frame, which usually means get closer and don’t forget to photograph the food since everyone loves it so much.

Christmas Photography Tips at Flickr

Christmas, Holiday, Winter and Vacation Photography Tips – More links

How to Photograph Christmas Lights

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