What’s so great about the NLT/Tyndale

Quite a while ago I did a similar post about another publisher and since then the New Living Translation (NLT)/Tyndale has made great strides in what they have to offer online.

One regular item is their Thursday Giveaway. This week (the week of December 5, 2010) they are giving away the The One Year Bible NLT which is what this post is about. They are asking bloggers to let people know about and write about what they like about the New Living Translation Facebook page.

Since the NLT has been adding new web sites and features I was planning on doing a post like this anyway, so I would like to let you know about most of the things the NLT provides us with that’s featured on their Facebook page. There are so many, you may not know about some of them.

You can find the main web site at www.newlivingtranslation.com.

nlt.to is a fast loading site with a simple interface for quickly looking up a verse or passage, especially if you want to copy and paste a passage as it’s formatted in a paper Bible. This is also a great for mobile users. You can easily share on Facebook or Twitter. I asked about including the verse itself instead of just a link back to the site and they may include this feature in the future. You can find a list of other features on their blog announcement post.

Another great site for original language users is their interlinear site:
This also shows how closely a truly dynamic translation can stay to the original languages. Although interlinears may be unpopular with some educators, this can show you how they chose certain words in translating this version.

The NLT Study Bible is available online with a free 30 day trial so you can try it out and see if you would like to purchase it:

The NLT gives:

The New Living Translation presents the Give the Word contest and giveaway, a partnership with three great ministries—the Dream Center, Oasis International, and Wycliffe Bible Translators. All three of these ministries Give the Word to people and in places where it is desperately needed, and all three will benefit from the Give the Word contest.

Give the Word page
Sweepstakes page (linked in the quote above)

Most of these things are listed on their Facebook page if you go to Info. If you’re a Facebook user and ‘Like’ the page, you’ll get updates and also a daily NLT verse.

The staff have been the most accessible of any translation I know of. I’ve corresponded with Laura Bartlett, Sean Harrison and Keith Williams who has been an encouragement to me as a blogger and they are all very professional and friendly.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but those are some of the things and people you will find online regarding the NLT.

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