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Best bug pictures I’ve ever seen, by Thomas Shahan

Black Soldier Fly Head - (Hermetia illucens)

As mentioned here before, I believe that God created most things mainly for his own enjoyment in addition to ours. We will never see the vast majority of it. Macro photography can help us see a little more of the smaller things God created.

I chose one of the more pleasing photos to post here so as not to gross people out too much. If you can’t stand bugs you’ll want to skip the site. I have a mild phobia with spiders and some other bugs but when they’re that close they look less gross to me for some reason, and make me think twice about smooshing them. I can take pictures of them if there’s a camera between me and them. Otherwise I keep my distance.

4 Responses to “Around the Web”

  1. 1 Mitchell Powell

    I can only hope readers will see the effort for what it is: mostly a proof-reading exercise with some Hebrew and Greek staggering thrown on top, a series of baby steps toward a goal much too large for myself to do justice to. Thanks for the shout-out.

  2. 2 Nancy

    I REALLY love bugs! I would rather not tangle with spiders as I tend to be allergic…my chickens just LOVE them though! The Chichi Sisters and I go on regular bug safaris…*: ) Thanx for the link!

  3. 3 Nancy

    AND…seeing a pic of Bill Clinton amongst the insects and other worldly photos of space…priceless!

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    You’re welcome Mitchell.

    Nancy I missed the one of Bill Clinton until you mentioned it. I guess he happened to see him speak somewhere. Kind of strange in the middle of all that.

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