Looking it up in the Greek

Here is a great photo in a post titled In the Original Greek… Click on it to see a larger one.

(This one is spreading quickly.)

I wanted to add something to what Seth Ehorn said. One of the best exercises I’ve done in my limited amount of time I’ve spent so far on exegesis (serious in-depth study) is printing out a passage in 6-8 translations covering a variety of styles and comparing them, which is part of Gordon Fee’s protocol in his book New Testament Exegesis. If there’s is a question with a particular word or phrase, you’ll see how the various translations rendered it. This is more illuminating than just ‘looking it up in the Greek’, which for most people is usually the outdated Strong’s, which will usually just give you a wide semantic range of options that requires context anyway. The word in question doesn’t mean all of those things listed, just as in an English dictionary, which is where the multiple translations come in. If you haven’t tried it, I know you’ll like it.

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4 Responses to “Looking it up in the Greek”

  1. 1 Nancy

    While the little cartoon IS actually funny…and I have thought the same thing many times….Sometimes…many times…the Holy Spirit does just that! He’s used a donkey before…stickmen…wait…stickmen can’t speak…OK… so then He just uses captions…

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Yes the Holy Spirit can speak in many ways. Usually I just get gently bonked in the head. Sometimes my head actually goes backwards. It’s probably just my reaction. So much for a still small voice every single time He speaks as everyone seems to think.

  3. 3 Gary Simmons

    Wonderful cartoon. I would subscribe if he had a comic strip.

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    I’m sure he wouldn’t need to charge much because he has low overhead.

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