Organizing books with Zotero

Andy Naselli shows (I hate the word share) us how he organizes his library using Zotero. For now it’s a Firefox plugin but will eventually be a full fledged desktop program. It’s funded at George Mason University so I would hope it’s here to stay. Even if you don’t use Zotero, you may get some tips from what he says.

When reading a book or commentary I often write a term at the top of the page if it’s something described well that I want to refer to later. But it doesn’t do much good to write these things there and not know where they are. Unfortunately I didn’t keep track of these so I have one commentary from each book of the NT except two and plenty of other books with stuff written at the top that I haven’t recorded. I was going to use a Wiki I set up but I think I will use Zotero. I’ve already entered all my books by dragging the title from Library Thing into Zotero which is in the bottom part of the browser screen. At only 95 books this didn’t take too long. I wasn’t sure how else to export and import.

So I have a start. I may use Tags for those subjects in Zotero and keep track of them that way. It has very good tools for notation and notes. But I really should keep the Wiki up too for other things. There’s just too much to do.

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