Puritan E-Books?

Does anyone have a source for good Puritan e-books or have any recommendations for good Puritan books that are free online–legally of course? I bought a Nokia 770 for $38 on eBay. It can read PDF and all the standard generic e-book formats. (No Kindle, iPhone apps, Droid etc.) I downloaded The Pursuit of God by Tozier (not a Puritan), my favorite Christian living book ever in e-book format and it’s great. I found The Art of Divine Contentment and a few others by Watson and also Religious Affections and others by Edwards* in PDF format. I would like to know about other recommendations you would have. I’d especially like an e-book format because I love the reader on this device but PDF is OK too.

If Puritan were a denomination that’s what I’d be.

*I realize he’s a second generation Puritan.

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  1. 1 Mal

    Hi, Jeff
    There are a few good sites where you can get Free Puritan E books namely: Monergism, Berean Wife, Puritan Library to name a few. Also Monergism have some very great Puritan E books that are very cheap! Also Amazon have some good Puritan E books that are very cheap too. So there are many out there but I’m not sure about the pdf format and whats available in that area. I personally own a Kindle and I am very happy with it. I decided on a Kindle after research of all the others. Hope you find what you are looking for.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Hi Mal,
    Thanks for the suggestions. I have since found those except I haven’t seen Berean Wife so I’ll have to look at that. I can convert Kindle books to ePub format and read them on my device in addition to converting PDFs. I have too many to read now but like to collect ones that are of interest to be read someday. What a great wealth of books out there for us.

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