Since my back surgery nearly three months ago, my faith has really been tested. For a few weeks after surgery I couldn’t trust God for anything. I was worrying about everything. It was getting out of control. No matter what anxiety disorders I have been diagnosed with (two), I’m still responsible for sin and that’s what worry is.

While reading the book Unburdened: The Secret to Letting God Carry the Things That Weigh You Down by Chris Tiegreen, I made a commitment to work on worrying less. This means I have to both strive to worry less and ask God to strengthen me so I can trust him more. I need to pray more in general and go to God right away when worrisome thoughts come up. Because of our human nature, most of us will have a tendency to worry at least a little and most of us can’t fix the problem on our own. I suppose that means I need to realize how weak and poor spiritually I am too.

Since then I’ve improved a little. It’s been tested a few times and I didn’t do very well, but better than if I wouldn’t have made the commitment. This is what I’d expect. It may be a lifelong struggle but there is enough room for improvement that I hope I can improve all the time in the large scheme of things.

In the book, Chris Tiegreen writes about not just not worrying but replacing thoughts with things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God (Colossians 3:1-3; Philippians 4:8). This partial prayer below reminded me of that and everything related to the commitment. (See Puritan Prayers) I’ve included links to two other blog posts related to worry and anxiety below.

Teach me to believe that if ever I would have any sin subdued I must not only labour to overcome it, but must invite Christ to abide in the place of it, and He must become to me more than vile lust had been; that His sweetness, power, life may be there. Thus I must seek a grace from Him contrary to sin, but must not claim it apart from Himself.

–Contentment from The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions, edited by Arthur Bennett

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8 Responses to “Worry”

  1. 1 Eric

    Jeff – once again your transparency encourages me, especially since I’m someone who struggles a lot with worries and fears. I think I’ll check out that book. I pray that God will lift your burdens and continue to heal your back.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks I hope it helps. As you see in my review I think there are some flaws in that book but as I mentioned it was good enough to help and cause me to make a commitment.

    I have the book Running Scared which has gotten great reviews but I haven’t read it yet. A review copy of Unburdened became available so I jumped at the chance with the great timing. Trusting God by Jerry Bridges is excellent and was life changing. I need to read it again. I accidentally bought the study guide for it and my wife and a friend are going through it and like it a lot.

  3. 3 Eric

    Thanks for the book recommendations.

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    Welcome. I’m sure there are others. The older ones that say “Become Worry Free” or whatever are just terrible. Many of the newer ones aren’t Utopian or have the pop psychology. We don’t need tricks for the most part we need truth. And praise God everything we need for this subject is in the Bible.

  5. 5 Louis

    I second Eric’s comments on your transparency. It is a gift to us all. In spite of what you may feel God is working through you in countless ways you probably can’t even imagine. Know this–you don’t walk this alone.

  6. 6 Scripture Zealot

    My goodness Louis thank you. That made my night.

  7. 7 Michael Acidri

    Thanks Jeff for the resource, I too struggle with worry at times.

  8. 8 Scripture Zealot

    You’re welcome. Seems to be a common human thing.

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