The Next Blogger to WordPress Switch

is my friend Stan at just after sunrise. And it looks like One Monk’s Journey Through Faith will switch too.

Two others on my wish list:

6 Responses to “The Next Blogger to WordPress Switch”

  1. 1 Stan McCullars

    It’s good to be here. Thanks for the link! And for the links to the other blogs I hadn’t seen before!

  2. 2 Derek Ashton

    Sorry, but wordpress won’t give me access to the css template without paying. I’m cheap. I do like WordPress and I wish I could simultaneously publish to both platforms. Maybe there’s some technologically advanced way I can do that, I’ll have to check into it . . .

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    I figured you have a reason. I didn’t even know Blogger would give you access to a CSS template. WordPress should do that and they’d have a slam dunk. If you posted to two, Google might not like that.

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    Derek, I forgot to say I’m cheap too and completely understand. Since I am/was a web designer, I still have a web host and can do whatever I want. I just pay for the domain name which I don’t even like to do. I was too cheap to get one for my photography blog. But that may not be around much longer anyway.

  5. 5 Derek Ashton


    To be honest, I actually like WordPress a lot more. Blogger has some serious bugs and quirks that are super annoying. But having access to the CSS template is really important to me. I use it quite a bit. FWIW, my Gmail account keeps me logged in to most blogging platforms. My name and info is often remembered from the last visit, or it is readily suggested in the auto complete.


  6. 6 Scripture Zealot

    My problem is my Gmail mail is different than my Blogger ID. So every time I want to reply I have to log out of where I’m logged in and log in to my Scripture Zealot ID. Then back to get to my mail. And that’s just a part of why it’s so difficult to reply. They really need to work on that.

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