I’m tired of replying to Blogspot Blogs

A rare off-topic post here.

There are some people I really love that have a blog on Blogspot or whatever it’s called. I’m tired of having to log in to wordpress.com only for it to show my old blog and not this one, or using a Google account that’s different than the one I’m logged into for mail, or having to manually write in my username and URL, even though I have macros for those words.

I’m sorry. I’d urge you to switch to WordPress. I know there are many many people who feel the same way. I know you may have your reasons for Blogspot. I transferred my Suffering Christians blog from Blogspot to WordPress without a problem except for a few longer subject lines being truncated but I think that has as much to do with the theme as anything else.

15 Responses to “I’m tired of replying to Blogspot Blogs”

  1. 1 Nathan Stitt

    The commenting differences are the main reason I use WP instead of Blogspot. I rarely comment on Blogspot blogs anymore.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    There are a few blogs that I absolutely love but I just can’t spend the time going through all that and trying to figure the unnecessary captcha multiple times a day.

  3. 3 Erik

    I echo Nathan’s comment above; it’s so frustrating commenting on a Blogger/Blogspot blog. Way too many hoops to jump through just to comment; heck, by the time I’ve clicked the comment button, made a decision whether or not to use my Google profile or add my name, url address and type in the spam letters, I’ve completely forgot what I was gonna comment on! 😉

  4. 4 Gary Simmons

    Aww. So you’re not gonna visit me anymore?

    I may soon switch to WordPress. In fact, I tried importing all my posts once to a WordPress, but it didn’t actually import. So I kinda gave up.

    Could you explain to me how to do that?

    I’ll admit, I’m not too thrilled with some aspects of blogspot, either. On the other hand, if I switch to WordPress just for you, I might lose all my other readers — both of them, haha.

  5. 5 Scripture Zealot

    Gary, I certainly VISIT, I just don’t want to comment anymore.

    There are detailed instructions somewhere on WordPress’s site. It’s been a while since I did it. I’d help if you need it.

    I can guarantee you won’t lose any of your plethora of readers and you may get more comments.

  6. 6 Peter M. Lopez

    Agreed. It is very frustrating. I don’t understand why Blogger refuses to deal with this.

  7. 7 Gary Simmons

    I appreciate you visiting, Jeff. How are you doing? How’s your back?

  8. 8 Gary Zimmerli

    Yeah, you’d think that Blogger would do something about the problem. They must be aware of it, right?

    At the same time, I wish WP would give me a reader that would show all the blogs I want to read, not just the WP ones. As it is, I’m blogging on WP, but using the Blogger reader.

  9. 9 Gary Simmons

    My fellow Gary: I’m thinking along those lines, too.

  10. 10 Scripture Zealot

    Gary my back is very slowly getting better. For the first time in a long time I’ve really been tested spiritually but am coming out of that pretty well. Emotionally not so good right now but should be back to baseline at some point since it goes back and forth. Thanks for asking.

    I’ve never even though of using WP for reading blogs. There is Google Reader which stays in your browser, Feed Demon etc. for that. They work very well.

  11. 11 Stan McCullars

    I’ve been shamed.

    just after sunrise

  12. 12 Scripture Zealot

    Yours is one of the three that I love that are on Blogspot. You know I will still read it. Since I’m trying to cut down on internet time I just don’t want to take the time to reply to posts.

  13. 13 Stan McCullars

    Thanks for that Jeff!

    I’m trying out WordPress. The link above takes you there. I think I’m going to convert my Haiku blog to WordPress also.

  14. 14 Scripture Zealot

    That’s great. I like having all the links at the top too.

  15. 15 Robert Jimenez

    I agree, it’s such a hassle, I’m always double checking to make sure I entered my blog address correctly (cut/paste). Still a hassle.

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