Reading the Old Testament

I’m very upset with myself for not blogging as I read through the Old Testament. Nancy, a commenter here, writes a blog called Day by Day and blogged as she read through the whole Bible! (Take a look at her blog. She has written some great comments here lately.)

So I’m going to jump in and post short things in all the wrong order and probably not spend a lot of time on it. But I want to write down some things that strike me as I read so I can look back on it.

Last night I was reading Psalms 135 and 136 and noticed that people praised God for slaughtering people. That isn’t very nice is it!? He slaughtered kings and the firstborn of Egypt. That’s what lengths he goes to defend and protect His people and that’s how much He hates evil.

Psalm 136:10
Give thanks to him who killed the firstborn of Egypt.
His faithful love endures forever.

Wouldn’t that make a nice plaque? (I’m still going to make one of those with a photo.)

Instead of wringing my hands over this I praise God that He’s a God of justice and we will be praising God as He is glorified in the end by completely defeating evil forever.

2 Responses to “Reading the Old Testament”

  1. 1 Nancy

    Jeff…I loved this post…not simply because you mentioned my blog, thank you very much…but because you highlighted and actually thought about one seemingly outrageous comment made in the OT!

    At work, my sister used to wear a pin on her suit lapel that read “Murder the Disturbed” and was amazed that she never got many comments…Do we humans simply not pay attention, or is it just easier to pass by the “disturbing” parts in life/Bible reading? I know I’m guilty of thinking maybe I’ll just leave this part for a day when it doesn’t hurt my head…

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks and you’re welcome.

    That’s amazing she didn’t get any responses. I’ve learned how the disturbing parts can actually be comforting. What God will do for us, how much He’s on our side, etc.

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