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I want to write a thank you post to Evangelical Press. I heard about the book How to Enjoy Your Bible and requested a review copy. I hadn’t dealt with them so I didn’t know how it would go. They were glad to send me a copy and I wrote a review here.

Then a few weeks later I got a box with a bunch of books from them. I felt like a kid on his birthday. I received Happiness of Heaven by Roberts, Heading for Heaven by Ryle (I’m a fan of his and haven’t even read any of his books yet), True Love by Renihan, Fire From Heaven by Cook, Seven Steps to Glory by Allred and Haggai Zechariah Malachi by Duguid.

I know I’m not obligated to review these since I didn’t request them but I will end up reviewing at least one or two of them. I’m especially glad to have the commentary on the last three books of the Bible since my OT material is so sparse. When I’m done reading through the OT I plan on reading that book and reviewing it (unless I’m having back surgery or something awful). I’m sure at some point I’ll read the Ryle book too.

Then they sent me another box a few weeks later. This had Dealing with Dawkins by Blanchard, Every Word Counts (there’s that scary inerrant theme again) by Barnes, and Anne Bradstreet, Pilgrim and Poet by Faith Cook which my wife has already read.

I didn’t realize they have books tailored to my preferences even if I might not read every single one of them.

So I want to say thank you to them for being so kind to me and let you know about the review or two this summer (which you will have totally forgotten about by then).

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  1. 1 Mitchell Powell

    They sound like some very generous people. And if someone’s going to give a gift, reading material’s a good one.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Yes. And there are a couple that I would really love to give away like Seven Steps to Glory which is evangelistic. Then that person may become interested in their books… It benefits them and others.

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