Quote of the Day: Gospel and Politics

The tragedy is that American Christianity has so closely allied itself with the government of the day that the transcendent Gospel has become submerged in the world’s values.

–David Alan Black, The Jesus Paradigm by pg. 66

Quoted in TC’s review of the book.

I hate politics. (That’s not Black’s point though.)

The Jesus Paradigm

2 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Gospel and Politics”

  1. 1 Mitchell Powell

    David Alan Black is certainly on to something. As much as I recognize the value of the American government, something inside me cringes to see a huge American flag prominently displayed next to a cross on the front of a church. I recognize the sincerity behind the sentiment, though.

    But when churches become co-opted as vehicles of one party (you and I both know there are both democratic and republican churches, so to speak).

    I could ramble on, but my point is this: I hate what politics does to the church too.

  2. 2 Zachary Evans

    i have never been a fan of Bad Politics and bad policies in the government. they always present bad news.;”*

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