Bible Reading Roundup

I started my first day of reading through the Old Testament using the NLT 24/7 Chronological Bible. I’m really looking forward to it.

I apologize for any repeats in these links.

Hold the presses! Be sure to see On Reading the Scriptures, Part I by Esteban Vázquez.

Nobody said you must read the entire Bible in exactly a year. You can read it in two months, which gives you a great overview if you’re able to do it. (I did it once and I’m not sure if I could do it again.) Or you can read it in two years. Justin Taylor points us to other plans in a post titled Bible Reading Plan for Shirkers and Slackers (also mentioned by Louis).

If you haven’t ever read the Bible you may want to start with one of the gospels, like the book of John. You can read three paragraphs a day if you’d like. Then maybe choose a plan that has an Old Testament and a New Testament reading each day. The important thing is to read it. One paragraph a day is infinitely better than nothing.

4 Responses to “Bible Reading Roundup”

  1. 1 Esteban Vázquez

    Why, I don’t even get an honorable mention? See if I ever link to you again! 😉

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Well hold on there cowboy, your post didn’t show up in my feed reader until after I wrote mine. I will most certainly add it and highly anticipate the next part(s). The content of your post is a great addition.

  3. 3 Esteban Vázquez

    That’s more like it! 😉

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    I should add, I didn’t even know of your post until you mentioned it. I went immediately to my feed reader and there it was. I noticed I just happened to write a couple of things kind of sort of similar and I felt reassured by that.

  1. 1 Bible Reading Plan | Scripture Zealot
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