You know how some people are into genealogy?

Grant Osborne is too.

Who Was Jesus’ Grandfather?
What the two genealogies of Christ, found in Matthew and Luke, are really trying to say.
by Grant Osborne

I like to read about seemingly boring things so that I can see the significance of why they might be in the Bible although for some reason I never really get bored reading genealogies.

Someday I’d like to read a commentary on the least interesting OT book to let someone help open my eyes to important things in the text that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Let me know if you disagree with his assessment. I know there are various ways of looking at it. From what I’ve read so far I think we can rule out one was Mary’s and one was Joseph’s in Luke and Matthew which is what I always heard previous to reading commentaries and other related material.

2 Responses to “You know how some people are into genealogy?”

  1. 1 Mark Stevens

    I preached on/from Matthew’s genealogy at the start of Advent. I concluded that Matthew was not interested in jesus’ actual lineage and Luke was but was far more concerned with Jesus’ Davidic heriatge. although in parts it is historical it isn’t history that Matthew is most concerned with at this point. There are a few grammatical changes when the genealogy gets to Joseph as well which point to his divine heritage.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks. I forget that they aren’t always concerned with necessarily being complete or chronological as we might expect.

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