Newly Discovered Gifts

From something Joel mentioned at the Church of Jesus Christ–Holy Spirit works healing miracles, charismatic Christians say

I found out about some new “gifts”.

They practiced the New Testament “gifts of the spirit” — healing, prophecy, speaking in tongues — and discovered new ones — “holy laughter,” for example, or teeth suddenly turned gold.

Why are the new gifts always dorky and the Bible gifts useful for the church?

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  1. 1 Iris

    Don’t think your would call it “Dorky” if it was your teeth that got filled without a dentist – and with gold at that. Holy laughter is truly not a gift. However, it may be a result of the Lord abundant presence in a place. Filling teeth, likewise, is not a gift — this is foolishness. However, it seems it has happened in the Lord’s presence at times.

    Whenever we leave out the supernatural (even the uncomfortable kind) we open ourselves for the lie of logical reasoning that led David to put the ark on a cart. It was, of course, far to heavy to carry(true). However, later when they chose to do it as they had been told, they found that the Lord was helping them. (1 Chron.15:26)

  2. 2 Jonathan Sharman

    Hey I love that analogy, Iris. Very fresh, lol.

    But yeah, it’s good to hear that we’re not the only church group that ‘weird’ stuff like that is happening to – quite often at large meetings or on missions trips and things, where God’s presence is thick in the midsts of our actions.

    Like the gold teeth fillings, speaking in chinese for days, shaking on the floor, all that weird, strange, crazy and confusing stuff, lol.

    I just advise to not get caught up with the symptoms, but to go after the sickness, so to speak 😉

    Just let God do what he will do, and submit yourself to him completely.

    After all, it’s about his will, not what crazy ideas we can come up with, or strategies or goals, and far less what whacky and wonderful things spill out of heaven on the way there. (Although those often exotic and unusual gems of glory can often be very enouraging and exciting to behold!)

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    Iris that’s a great distinction to keep in mind. I am still however highly skeptical, especially given the people presiding over these gatherings.

  4. 4 Jonathan Sharman

    Well yeah, where one one prophesies, 2 or 3 weigh the words. It’s good to filter everything through the Holy Spirit to make sure that it’s right, especially if there’s noteriety, or it’s outside of the protective covering of a small group of well connected individuals with a understanding / rapport. But it’s good to be careful not to doubt God’s word, for fear of killing off the annointing – Like when Jesus walked through his home town, Nazareth, only to find that that there was no faith for miracles :(( I would be sad to be found in a demographic were there was no faith for miracles.
    All praise to God of Heaven and Earth and his Son Jesus, whose only name by whom man must be saved 😀

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