Bible and Devotional Reading for 2010

Now is a time when people think about Bible reading and devotional reading for the next year.

Although I’ll be reading through the Old Testament using NLT’s 24/7, I’m extremely interested in Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System which Nathan W. Bingham wrote about. I’d like to use that system in 2011. There is a link on Nathan’s site to a Scribd document of the system. However I found him on Facebook and found this link to a PDF file which you can download. Nathan’s site has bookmark images in Photoshop format if you want to use those for any reason.

Does anyone use this system?

For devotionals, there are a lot of hokey ones out there that aren’t much worth reading, especially if you want to learn something specifically about Scripture each day. Tim Challies has a Daily Devotional Roundup which includes a lot of good ones.

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  1. 1 T.C. R

    I’d love to read through the OT myself. But I don’t know just yet, which version and so on. We’ll see.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    I’m going to use the NLT just for this reading then probably use the HSCB from then on, even if the tetragrammaton (sp?) thing is uneven and/or unwarranted. Except I really like the TNIV for the Psalms for some reason.

    I might do a post collecting all the reading plans if I haven’t done it before.

  3. 3 Nathan W. Bingham

    Keep us posted on how you find Horner’s system if you use it. Are you planning on using it next year or in 2011 as your post reads?

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    Nathan I’m thinking 2011 (year after next). Next year I’ll read through the OT in chronological order and other related material. I seem to plan far ahead for Bible related learning. Next year I hope to complete my three year plan I started a couple of years ago.

  5. 5 Nathan W. Bingham

    Jeff: Wow, that is forward thinking. Great that you take your Bible reading that seriously, and that you’re disciplined enough to see your plans through.

  6. 6 T.C. R

    I have a struggle following a system. We’ll see. Still have a few weeks before the new year. 😉

  7. 7 Iris

    Hi Jeff,
    Good for you! I have followed a plan I developed several years ago (so I could give it away). It gets one through the entire Bible in a year with several books (Psalms, Proverbs, Gospels, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians) twice. It is designed chronologically in the OT. (I need to get that plan on the web – but do not have it there yet).

    I have done the 10 chapters a day in the NT (gets you through it in one month) before. I find with all the ministry on my plate + the Bible/Greek/Hebrew study I choose to do – 10 chapters a day gets taxing. However, I believe a systematic approach is very helpful. It doesn’t really matter which system it is — just use one. None of them are magic in any way, but if one will systematically put the word in, over the years it has a big positive effect.

    I have followed a through the Bible plan of one kind or another for many, many years. I find it presently a part of my morning ritual (so to speak).

    So regardless of which system – go for it!

  8. 8 Jonathan Sharman

    I’ve been reading through the Bible systematically, though I suppose not so consistently, for a while now; only up to halfway through Job though, lol. It’s been an exciting read most of the way through, picking up stuff that I haven’t noticed previously, by not doing a sytematic read-through before. Really looking forward to getting the whole chronological context under wraps. Although I know that the Holy Spirit has this uncanny ability to hide things from you, just as he is purposed to reveal God through the scriptures, in order to stop you from being too complacent or robotic, as it were. Still, it seems to be a matter of personal ambition and empowerment for me to be able to have a more solid foundation to stand upon, in order to better be able to minister to others with confidence. (As I tend to be relying on the Spirit far more than the word at present, purely because of circumstancial inability to know a whole lot of scripture off by heart.) – Of course, I probably know more through indirect means than what I give myself credit for; but knowing the meaning and definition of a word are two diffetent things to me, and there’s power in both, I believe.

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