Learning Greek So Far

Esteban encouraged me to read and study Greek for the Rest of Us because I like to read commentaries and it would help me learn some thing about Greek that might help me to better understand what they’re talking about in NT commentaries. I learned more about why translations are different and a bit about exegesis than about Greek partly because the book wasn’t organized in a way that was easy for me to learn from.

So I decided to actually learn some Greek and started with Croy’s grammar. After getting almost a third of the way through I got a review copy of Black’s grammar and decided to switch to that. I’m a third of the way through that now.

At this point now I can finally better understand what they’re talking about in commentaries when they comment on the Greek. I even know quite a bit of the vocabulary. Even though I only plan on going through beginning level I won’t stop here because I’d like to be able to read some Greek at a beginning level.

So, I’m encouraged that it has helped me a bit with my original intention. I hope to be able to use a Reader’s Greek NT by later next year. I don’t know if a beginning level will help with exegesis or not. What do you think?

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  1. 1 Shaun Tabatt


    Keep it up. It’s encouraging to hear that you’ve been doing this self study. I think the more you learn, the more you’ll find it useful in your studies. As you get more comfortable, I’d encourage to add Greek readings to your daily devotion / study regimen as it will help to challenge you and solidify your skills. What sorts of hurdles have you come up against thus far? Please keep us posted on your progress.

  2. 2 Nick Norelli

    It can’t hurt.

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    Shaun thanks. What type of readings would you suggest I do? Right now, the exercises are still made up sentences and not Scripture yet.

    Hurdles are when I come to a new chapter and there’s yet another list of conjugations! And then to make it worse come the 2nd aorists (which really threw me for a loop at first) and 2nd perfects, some of which don’t really make sense. They just need to be memorized for the most part. I much prefer the 1sts because I’m a neat freak and like to have form. Otherwise I think I’m doing fairly well at understanding things partly because I took Esteban’s advice and make sure I get every exercise right before moving on. If I get one wrong I mark it, pay careful attention to what’s going on and then do it again the next day until I get it right. There’s no deadline.

    Nick, I think you’re right.

  4. 4 Stan McCullars

    That is very exciting! Keep up the good work!

  5. 5 Daniel Doleys

    Two ideas: I know everybody has their favorite grammar, but I think there is a reason Mounce is so popular and about to be a 3rd edition. In his grammar you have to learn far less paradigms because you learn the categories of morphology not just paradigms. So my 1st suggestion would be to look into that volume if you can.

    Second, as to exegesis, while grammar is the fundamental building block of understanding the language, exegesis really becomes helpful at the level of analyzing syntax. So once you get the forms and basic grammar, I would suggest looking at Wallace’s or Porter’s volumes. Understanding the syntactical relationships in clauses and sentences is where the most exegetical fruit can be found in language study.

  6. 6 T.C. R

    Nice move with Black. I’m so encouraged that things are coming together for you.

    Keep at it. It will come. 😉

  7. 7 Robert Jimenez


    check out this on line book:

    You can also download it as a PDF.

  8. 8 Robert Jimenez
  9. 9 Scripture Zealot

    Daniel, I got Mounce soon after I got Black’s for review just because I wanted to be well rounded. I planned on reading through the Mounce but not necessarily studying it. I will look at it from the stand point you mentioned. Thanks.

    Thanks for the encouragement TC and Stan.

    Robert those resources look very helpful. I like to read through as many things as I can even if I don’t study them.

  10. 10 c. stirling bartholomew

    David A. Black is a good man.

  11. 11 Scripture Zealot

    I wouldn’t doubt it.

    I like the quote on your profile.

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