Shorter Old Testament Reading?

If you want to spend part of an evening, or when you’re in a recovery room or whatever, reading something in the Old Testament that’s complete, what do you like other than something from Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs or the end of Job?

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  1. 1 T.C. R

    Portions of Isaiah. Has some awesome portrayals of YHWH.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks. I was going to ask you for more specifics but that’s work I should do. I could use a study Bible and find an outline and find sections to read in “the 5th gospel”.

  3. 3 Mike Aubrey


    would Hosea work?

  4. 4 Derek Ashton

    A few possibilities . . .

    -The Noah Story from Genesis
    -The Abraham Story from Genesis
    -The Joseph Story from Genesis
    -Moses vs. Pharaoh in Exodus
    -The Book of Ruth

    -Later chapters of Deuteronomy (Moses’ Song, etc.)
    -Later chapters of Joshua (Joshua’s Charge to the People)
    -Nehemiah’s Prayers
    -Jeremiah’s Prayers
    -I’ve never regretted reading a “minor” prophet all the way through, be it Habakkuk or Joel or Jonah or whatever.

    -Daniel’s Account of Nebbie K. Nezzer’s Conversion (I know how it’s supposed to be spelled – LOL – this is the Veggie Tales version!)


  5. 5 John

    I read Amos or any of the Minor Prophets when I want to read a whole book but am either limited in time or just want to spend time contemplating.

  6. 6 Scripture Zealot

    Hosea might be long for one reading but it might be good anyway. I can’t remember much of it so maybe it’s one that would be hard to put down.

    Thanks for all the suggestions Derek. I’ll have to make a list. I’d never heard the Veggie Tales version which may be a good thing.

    I’ll try Amos sometime too. Material for time contemplating is what I’m often looking for.

    I’ll be reading the whole OT next year but wanted to know what you like to read for something to read.

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