I’m an Amazon Associate

After reading Esteban’s post I thought I should mention that I’m an Amazon Associate. This means that if you use the search box in the right column or click on most of the links to book on this site, there is code within the link so that Amazon knows that you came from this site. Then when someone buys a book I get a very small commission. There is no change in the price of the books bought this way.

As mentioned before, one way to help us bloggers out is to buy books by clicking on a book link or using the search box or buying through a person’s virtual store if they have one. Wherever you go from there throughout the site, Amazon will remember you. This doesn’t mean that Amazon tracks your every move that you make from then on, just for that visit to their site. If you see any black helicopters or people looking in your windows at night, I can assure you they’re not people from Amazon.

So that’s my disclosure and a reminder that when you buy your books from Amazon, please do it through your favorite blogger to help them support their habit site.

2 Responses to “I’m an Amazon Associate”

  1. 1 Danny Kam

    Welcome to the world of amazon associates. Quick question, how did you get that amazon search bar on your site?

    I read your blog pretty frequently over the last few months. Thanks so much for posting all your thoughts on the complex issues of faith and religion.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Hi. I can’t remember but I’m sure it was from the Associates/Affiliates site.

    You’re welcome and thanks for reading.

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