Matthew and the Old Testament

Matthew stands as a continual reminder that being a “New Testament Christian” is not enough. The Hebrew Bible remains the Word of God for the churches. Our appreciation of the message and significance of Jesus, of God’s standards and desires for God’s people and God’s world, and of our place in the larger plan of God are all enhanced as we continue in Matthew’s tradition of anchoring the New Testament message (and our churches) in the earlier oracles of God. Matthew reminds us that the New Testament has value as the revelation that stands in continuity with the Old Testament, not as its replacement.

David deSilva, An Introduction to the New Testament, 290

An Introduction to the New Testament by David deSilva

7 Responses to “Matthew and the Old Testament”

  1. 1 Jason

    Excellent quote–deSilva is right on!

  2. 2 Daniel Doleys

    Such a quote is very similiar to some of the discussion in a Hebrews class I am in right now. I wonder if he makes the same claim in Hebrews as well?

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    Right on brother.

    I would imagine deSilva would say something similar for Hebrews since he is the only one writing this NT Intro. I’ve only read the part on Matthew and some of the parts in the intro-intro.

  4. 4 Michael Metts

    DeSilva is a scholar and a gentleman.

  5. 5 Scripture Zealot

    Michael did you study under him?

  6. 6 Michael Metts

    Oh no no no… Nothing like that.

  7. 7 Scripture Zealot

    Well I don’t doubt your assertion. I see you plan to be studying for a PhD in the OT so you can tell us all about it.

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