Quote of the Day: Suffering

This is one of the great paradoxes of suffering. Those who don’t suffer much think suffering should keep people from God, while many who suffer a great deal turn to God, not from him.

–Randy Alcorn, If God Is Good

Unfortunately and fortunately I know the latter from experience and find it impossible to explain to non-Christian friends and family. People always want to ‘fix’ me, despite my constant researching and gaining knowledge on my conditions beyond what they have, because they can’t understand that there is unexplainable suffering in the world.

I feel like I have the opportunity to know God more than those who don’t suffer chronically. But I admit I envy those who do without the extreme suffering part, although we all obviously suffer a great deal at various times in our lives. This is humbling because I’m sure that I wouldn’t have gotten as close to Him without it.

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4 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Suffering”

  1. 1 Bitsy Griffin

    How true! I don’t want to suffer, but find that in times of great pain, anguish, distress that I cling to and depend on God in ways I don’t when things are running smoothly.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    What’s sad and what I can’t understand is when people don’t go to him. I’ve been on Christian mental health message boards and can’t bear to read that. I’ve stopped going to some of them for that reason.

  3. 3 Derek Ashton


    Last night I was listening to part 3 of the Truth Project (which is a really good series on worldviews, by the way). The teacher (I can’t remember his name) was saying that Christianity offers the best possible explanation for the existence of evil and suffering. The world’s philosophy has no good explanation. This is ever so true! Believing that man is the product of random chance makes suffering valueless and meaningless. But when we realize that suffering is a result of our fall away from God, that it is God’s tool to bring us back to Himself, and that it is even a tool God Himself EXPERIENCED in order to save us from the ultimate suffering, we can put the pieces together and start to benefit from our pains. Not that we have all the answers and explanations for the tragedies in this world, but we do have the ability, through Christ, to find pure joy and real hope in the midst of whatever we face. And we know that He knows everything.

    When I compare my present sufferings to those I ultimately deserve, I get really, really, REALLY joyful!

    Grace & peace,

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    Thank you Derek. Your comment was the first thing I read this morning and it’s a good reminder and primer on suffering and sovereignty.

    I admit I don’t think often of your last sentence and I need to. When I’m going through the valley it’s tough to believe that but when I’m in my right mind I can.

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