Tim Tebow Gets Philippians 4:13 Right

I’ve often written how people, often athletes, use Philippians 4:13 as their motto and quote it out of context. Tim Tebow, quarterback for the University of Florida Gators says:

A lot of people know Philippians 4:13 — ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ — but a lot of people don’t interpret that verse the right way, Tebow says. Most people think it means I can do anything … on the football field, or I can make a lot of money. But that’s not exactly what it’s talking about there. It’s [saying] I can be content with anything. When you’re a Christian, you can [be content] because God has put you where you are. That’s really a different view…. I know that I have Christ in me, so I can do whatever He wants me to do, and that’s how I approach everything.

Tim Tebow: (Super)Man of Faith at Baptist Press Sports

Tim Tebow

3 Responses to “Tim Tebow Gets Philippians 4:13 Right”

  1. 1 Jason

    I have admired Tebow since he burst onto the scene for his athletic ability, but especially for his faith. I am glad to know that he at least gets this one right!

  2. 2 Stan McCullars

    He’s an incredible athlete and a very impressive young man.

  3. 3 Tim Tebos

    Ok I must confess, I didn’t know it meant being content.

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