Zondervan will discontinue putting out new products with the TNIV

Edit: This is turning into a roundup of links. I will keep adding as I become aware of more. Each of these has a little bit something different in them. I’m trying to only add links that address the NIV 2011.

Correcting the ‘Mistakes’ of TNIV, Translators Will Overhaul NIV at Christianity Today
Correction from earlier version of the article:
‘Note: An earlier version of this blog post said that Keith Danby’s remark that “some of the criticism was justified and we need to be brutally honest about the mistakes that were made” was in regard to the Today’s New International Version. He was discussing the earlier New International Version Inclusive Language Edition, released in the U.K. in 1996. I sincerely apologize for the error.’

HT: WorldMagBlog

Exciting Announcement about the NIV Translation at Koinonia

Translators announce 2011 update of popular NIV Bible at USA Today
“We may even be returning to what we had in the 1984 NIV,” says Moo.

HT: Better Bibles Blog

This Just In: the NIV to be Updated as “NIV 2011”; TNIV to be Discontinued at This Lamp

NIV Revision at Thoughts and Meditations

Ligon Duncan on Zondervan and the TNIV at Between Two Worlds

Albert Mohler Responds to NIV Annoucement

CBMW leader “very encouraged” by NIV announcement
(let’s see how that turns out)

The Thawing of the 1984 NIV
– Louis at Baker Book House has some thoughts

The future of the TNIV at Aberration blog

Interview with Douglas Moo on the 2011 NIV at DashHouse.com

HT: Between Two Worlds

Thoughts & Predictions on the 2011 NIV (and a Requiem for the TNIV) at This Lamp

What will the updated NIV look like? at Gentle Wisdom

Dumnezeu n-a spus asta – despre traducerea genurilor in textul sacru
Documented history – much of it in English

HT: Dr Jim West

More Bible Wars On The Horizon? at Restless and Reforming

(T)NIV[i] 2011

HT: Thought and Meditations (his favorite)

The NIV 2011 – 95% TNIV? – Reflections at Baker Book House

Why Did I Ever Buy Into the TNIV? at New Leaven

Those Complaining Complementarians Won at New Leaven

Evangelical Leaders Welcome NIV Revision Plans with Caution, Hope at The Christian Post

14 Responses to “Zondervan will discontinue putting out new products with the TNIV”

  1. 1 Stan McCullars

    I guess we saw that at about the same time. Of course they waited until I received my Cambridge TNIV. 😉

  2. 2 Dan

    And they waited until I purchased a really NICE leatherbound NRSV because of my frustration over lack of TNIV support!

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    I’m sure a lot of people will be frustrated. Stan you might be glad you have a relic and might like it better. And Dan might still not like the new NIV. I wonder what they’ll call it. The NNIV?

  4. 4 Stan McCullars

    Dan, You have proven yourself to be the smarter man!

    I do have a Cambridge NRSV so I guess I’ll be OK.

  5. 5 TC Robinson

    Sorry Stan. I actually thought about you as I was writing my post. 😀

  6. 6 Stan McCullars

    I appreciate that TC. It was quite a shock. I guess spending a couple of hundred hours studying the translation issue, a lot of which was spent on the TNIV, I felt like I got kicked in the stomach.

    I am looking forward to the NIV 2011.

  7. 7 Robert Jimenez

    I too am looking forward to the NIV 2011. At least for us TNIV folks we will have much better bible options. I do think that the NIV 2011 will be more like the TNIV, than the NIV 1984 version. At least that is my hope.

  8. 8 Peter Kirk

    Actually I thought they had already done so. When was the last new product with TNIV?

    Thanks for the link.

  9. 9 Robert Jimenez

    Peter, the last new TNIV product that I remember seeing at Amazon was the pocket bible. Which I did purchase, but the fonts are really small.

  10. 10 Scripture Zealot

    You’re welcome Peter.

    I still like my “funny colored Bible”, an imitation leather slimline brown, beige and light blue that I got for %70 off. Very comfortable cover, with a nice less serif font.

  11. 11 TC Robinson

    Jeff, I guess my posts are popular enough not to be linked.

  12. 12 Scripture Zealot

    TC Sorry about that. I’m trying to decide which are news type and which are purely opinion but they get blurred. I started adding a lot of opinion. I added one of yours. I also try not to add any that quote what others have quoted without a lot of new material. I think yours is very good.

    I’ve left out quite a few that aren’t directly related to the NIV 2011 update so the list doesn’t get too long.

  13. 13 Scripture Zealot

    TC I looked at your posts and added another one. The second one is about the NIV 2011. I apologize again for overlooking your posts.

    This is the second time I’ve done this and it’s certainly inadvertent. Your posts are out of the ordinary in a good way and I sometimes just don’t see it obviously fitting into a category.

    I do read your blog and because I like it a lot.

  14. 14 TC Robinson

    Jeff, thanks for the mention.

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