Marketing Slogans for the TNIV Translation

TNIV – the bad boy Bible. Hated by Piper, Sproul and MacArthur enough for them to mention it in their sermons!

TNIV – not your father’s Bible

TNIV – we like chicks

TNIV – the best Bible you’ve never heard of

TNIV – Christianity’s best kept secret

TNIV – we catch the flack so the NLT doesn’t have to

The NIV is yesterday’s Bible; use the TNIV

TNIV marketing: work smarter, not harder

Any others?

18 Responses to “Marketing Slogans for the TNIV Translation”

  1. 1 TC Robinson

    Jeff, forward this to Zondervan. Nice.

    Here’s mine: “The Bible for the 21st century and beyond.” Ok, “beyond” is an overstretched. 😀

  2. 2 Stan McCullars

    TNIV – you can’t judge the Good Book by its cover!

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    I could forward it to TNIV but I’m not sure they read their mail.

    TNIV – you can’t judge the Good Book by its cover!

    Even if it’s baby blue and beige?

  4. 4 ElShaddai Edwards

    >> TNIV – we catch the flack so NLT doesn’t have to
    The truth made clear indeed!

  5. 5 Stan McCullars

    TNIV – The Neglected International Version

  6. 6 Dan

    The TNIV — Truly the treasure hidden in a field. A very large field. With a very large crop. And it’s buried deep. Good luck.

  7. 7 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks Dan.

    Your link doesn’t seem to be working.


  8. 8 Stan McCullars

    <i>…buried deep. Covered in concrete.</i>

  9. 9 Gary Zimmerli

    Some of those slogans are GOOD!
    But I kinda resent the “Not your father’s Bible” one. I’m 57, with four kids and two grandkids, and I LOVE the TNIV!
    It SHOULD be your father’s Bible!

  10. 10 Scripture Zealot

    Grandpa Gary, I’m not even sure what I meant by that. Your last sentence is a good slogan.


  11. 11 Scripture Zealot

    Dan, something happened with a second comment you made. I deleted it thinking you didn’t write anything but the same thing happened to me. I’m going to deactivate MCE Comments plugin for now.


  12. 12 ElShaddai Edwards

    Jeff – FWIW, I had nothing but trouble with the MCE Comments plugin when I was using it. Very frustrating to use for people leaving comments, though I’m not sure what a simple alternative is without going to one of the Ajax replacement plugins.

  13. 13 Scripture Zealot

    ElShaddai I’d like to email you on that. Thanks for letting me know.

  14. 14 Dan

    I had said the website was missing the “c” in “com” is all. Thanks.


  15. 15 Stan McCullars

    I wasn’t going to say anything, but since Gary mentioned it I have no other choice.

    “not your father’s Bible” should “read not your PARENT’S Bible” to be true to the gender accurate translation philosophy.

  16. 16 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks Dan, I subscribed.

    Stan, I never even thought of that. Good catch. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

  17. 17 Robert Jimenez

    Jeff, the Zondervan Marketing department for TNIV should hire you, oh wait they don’t have one!

  18. 18 Scripture Zealot

    ba dum bum

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