Top Twitterer?

For those of you who follow people on Twitter, if you could only pick one Christian person or organization to follow, who would it be?


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  1. 1 Nathan W. Bingham

    Jeff, that question is way too hard for me to answer.  I’m interested to read other’s responses though.  That said, wasn’t this your comment only recently:

    “I don’t like Twitter and I’m tired of hearing about Twitter this and Twitter that.”

    Have you changed your mind, and are you considering joining the Twitter world after all?

  2. 2 ElShaddai Edwards

    Me? Just kidding… I’m sure there are other ways of getting this content, but I’ve found that Tyndale’s NLT Verse of the Day + the NLT Study Bible note to go with the verse are a pair of tweets that I enjoy reading every day. Subscribe to “NLTverse” and “NLTStudyBible”, respectively.

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    Nathan, I was wondering if someone would bring that up. I partly asked the question just to ask something that people might be interested to see and to try to generate some comments. I’m still not going to be Tweeting (if that’s the right term) myself.

    Since I can subscribe to a Twitter thingy via RSS it wouldn’t be any different than reading a blog in my RSS reader. I tried following John Piper but it wasn’t very interesting compared to Desiring God blog and dropped it. So I was wondering if there’s anything else out there that’s interesting that I may be missing out on.

    I logged into my Twitter account which I haven’t done for months and months and found that I was “following” Together for the Gospel (also uninteresting) and NLTverse that ElShaddai mentioned. I think I’ll try NLTStudyBible. Since their blog went quiet maybe there will be some good stuff there. Thanks.

    As much as I don’t like Twitter, the NLTSB is an example of people going there to broadcast and if that’s where they are and I want to follow them, I will.

    Hopefully there will be more comments. Sorry I wrote too much.


  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    ElShaddai do you Twitter?

  5. 5 ElShaddai Edwards

    > ElShaddai do you Twitter?
    Yes (justaguynotgod), though it comes and goes – mostly I post things there because Facebook doesn’t have a reliable outgoing feed that I can use. So I “tweet” and it updates my FB status, plus I can pull it into other projects as desired. Longer notes still have to either get written in FB or published as a blog post.

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