Thoughts On Contentment and Perfectionism

I’m a perfectionist. I want everything in my life to be just right. In addition, I’m a very visual person and like to personalize everything. Take the computer for example. I have everything tuned and tweaked and sized and themed and colorized. But as we know nothing works perfectly.

So when I can’t make something perfect I use it as an opportunity to realize that Jesus said we’d have trouble (John 16:33)–although I don’t think he was referring to things as minor as how our computer works–and imperfections to help us realize there is something better. There will be a place where everything is renewed and perfect and this gives us hope.

At the same time, I’m trying to become more willing to say that something is perfect. If it’s as good as it can possibly be, it’s perfect, even if in a perfect world it may be better. Or if something suits my needs perfectly without being exactly how I want it. These are things that the perfect God has provided for me/us (1 Tim 6:17b).

This self-help thought of the day for perfectionists has been brought to you by Jeff at Scripture Zealot.

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