Twitter and Wasting Time Online

For the last few weeks, I’ve been in training, trying to limit my online time because I’m reading France’s commentary on Matthew which is about 1200 pages. I don’t want to be reading this commentary forever. I want to reduce online time to spend more time on the more important things.

Look for some posts on that. I’ve been having a great time with it.

I’ll admit this is rather ironic because I’m also doing the August Experiment at the same time. I did have many of the posts already started or written though beforehand. But it does still take time.

So anyway today I found some Twitter tweets or whatever they’re called and thought it was pretty funny. Wait till you see the last one.

Slept in some this morning. Xxxxxx’s making pancakes for breakfast.
about 23 hours ago from web

Watching ‘Wyatt Earp’ on tv. ‘Tombstone’ was better.
about 23 hours ago from web

XXXXX’s home from work finally!
3:29 PM Aug 7th from web

I woke up this morning and found that cricket dead on the floor. Sometimes I like that we have a cat.
7:17 AM Aug 7th from web

The apartment had my package all this time (almost a month) and never told me. Boo apartment life!
4:19 PM Aug 6th from web

Wish there was more time in the day. I’d love to get more done.
8:14 PM Aug 5th from web
Hmmm. I wonder how they could save time and get more done?

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2 Responses to “Twitter and Wasting Time Online”

  1. 1 Joel (Polycarp)

    How to save more time…um…get rid of Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace and EVERYOTHER social network! I am on all three, but they usually no more than half an hour a day.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    I have accounts on all of them but I only use them when I’m forced, like to download free music from Facebook, to post a Tweet to enter a drawing etc.

    Sometimes I get friend invites on Facebook and it’s nice to see pictures of people. (I love pictures of course.) But then I don’t know if I’m supposed to do something back and I never keep track of what’s going on.

    Before I knew any better, I was going to use Twitter to record stuff I wanted to keep but then found out there is no dates, subjects or archiving. So I created my wiki. That’s very useful.


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