Small Talk

I hate small talk.

But small talk becomes tiny talk and insignificant blather when it circles in on itself time and again. It’s like coffee hour at some churches, where the conversation remains exceedingly trivial Sunday after Sunday, stuck in the weather, the stock market, and (for Chicagoans) ‘da Bears.’ Church coffee hour that doesn’t lead to anything deeper (like joining a Bible study or small group or missions team) is something we quickly dread.

–Mark Galli, An Entertaining Saboteur

[W]e all too often give very little thought to the gossip and idle talk (reeking, as is nearly always the case, with mordant sarcasm and cheap humor) to which we commit enormous amounts of time and energy, and much less ponder the ultimate (eternal!) implications of these seemingly trivial activities. In this we too betray our true character, and thereby sign our sentence of condemnation. For this we will be held accountable.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if we left all such nonsense behind, and committed all of that time and energy to gossiping the Gospel, instead?

–Esteban Vázquez, Gossiping the Gospel

Posted while dealing with health issues through the magic of scheduled posts.

13 Responses to “Small Talk”

  1. 1 Mike

    Hey Jeff I’ll leave my comment here since I didn’t see a place in your profile. I appreciate what you said about not having to be reformed in order to be a christian. I cant help but think you’ve seen a bit of the opposite of that among radical Calvinists. I am in the process of becoming more reformed in my thinking as it makes more sense to me on a logical level, not to mention the spiritual and stability in my life. Coming from an extreme Charismatic back ground I am happy to see that there are Reformed-Charismatics, I’m sure you disagree with that but that’s cool. Coincidently I’m reading Tozers, Knowledge of the Holy right now that you mentioned in your profile.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Hi Mike.

    I don’t know why my About page doesn’t have the ability to comment. I have it enabled in the Dashboard but it doesn’t show up on the page. Maybe it’s the theme. Maybe I’ll create a post just for comments on it.

    BTW I recently updated it with what you talked about.

    Yes, the opposite seems to be the norm among many Calvinists unfortunately. Spurgeon said that the “doctrines of grace” are the true gospel or something to that effect and Calvinists use that against others. But they seem unaware of the positive things Spurgeon said of his Arminian friends.

    Although I’m not charismatic I don’t disagree with Reformed and Charismatic co-existing. I dabbled with Charismaticism but they were a bunch of kooks, all of them. I don’t let them skew my view of what true Charismaticism is (I know I made up that term).

    Tozer sure had some great things to say.

    Thank you for writing.


  3. 3 Joel (Polycarp)

    Jeff, I cannot click through to Spurgeon on Arminianism. Hope all is well.

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    Woops. I edited the Spurgeon link and it’s working now.

    Things are going as expected.

    The TinyMCE comments is giving me problems and I’m going to disable it.

  5. 5 Joel (Polycarp)

    I’ve been using MCE comments myself – have you noticed any problem?

  6. 6 Scripture Zealot

    Sometimes when I hit Submit it will give me an error saying that no text has been entered or something to that effect. Then I need to hit submit again. I noticed you had a blank reply (which I removed) and then the same thing happened to me. I also don’t like how a line break ends up being a paragraph break. I haven’t noticed these things on your site though, only here.


  7. 7 Joel (Polycarp)

    Have you installed any new plugins? When is the last time you updated your WordPress? Maybe MCE is upgrade past/or not up to your current WP? My WP is 2.8.3 and my MCE is 0.4.7-3. I cannot image what else it could be.

  8. 8 Scripture Zealot

    I just (automatically-thank God for that) upgraded WP today and the TinyMCE is up to date to that version. I don’t know if it conflicts with the theme in any way or not. I should switch to the default theme and test it.


  9. 9 Joel (Polycarp)

    Jeff, have you updated/added any recent plugins? If not, it might be your theme.

  10. 10 Scripture Zealot

    Yes I have added some plugins. I don’t think I did since I’ve had this problem but it’s hard to remember. That’s a good point. I may try deactivating several of the ones that could affect it and see what happens.


  11. 11 Joel (Polycarp)

    Cool. If I may, there are some free themes that are spectacular, but will not allow the stats reporting/tracking by either WP or Google.

  12. 12 Scripture Zealot

    That’s very strange. How would you find out?


  13. 13 Joel (Polycarp)

    Unfortunately, I found out when I missed about 100 hits. Everything on the WP site should be okay. If they say SEO, fine, I reckon, but if they do not, I have learned to be weary.

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