Be a Kinder Calvinist

Be a Kinder Calvinist by Abraham Piper


It won’t be easy to change the pejorative stereotype that clings to Calvinism, but we can start by admitting that it is accurate far too often. Then we can make sure we are manifestly not self-righteous, condescending, arrogant, unfriendly, or argumentative.

As a Calvinist (although I prefer Reformed), this makes me sad:
Return to Calvin: A Personal Reflection on how Calvinism has Lost its Way By Douglas Estes


Calvinism—more so as a culture and an ‘ism’ than a theology—has many problems. In many conversations I have had, it quickly ceases to be anything about glorifying God and becomes a do-or-die landmark (complete with secret password) for the faithful. Why can’t we encourage his theology (one that exhorts people to know God and see him glorified (Calvin’s Catechism of the Church of Geneva)), but reject the partisan fervor often accompanying Calvinist thought? When I read Calvin, I see a man who was terribly committed to God in a very orthodox way. I hear a great depth of desire to know God. But Calvin the man was flawed; he had several strong personality defects (as we all do). It seems to me that while many of Calvin’s followers read the Institutes, they take their cues from Calvin’s personality. They build their landmarks on Calvin’s weaknesses, not his strengths.

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  1. 1 tc robinson

    Was Abraham taking shots at his Dad?

    But on a serious note, some Calvinists need to chill out.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Ha. Another Crystal Cathedral in the making? Actually he was talking about John MacArthur. (not really)

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