The Holman Illustrated Study Bible

The Holman Illustrated Study Bible can be seen at Google Books. This will allow you to take a good look at it but be aware that the scanning is awful. For example, the footnotes at the bottom are in a nice yellow box but you can’t really see that in the scans.

This edition is out of print but it can be found used in both leather and hardcover. Right now my two main translations are NLT and HCSB. (I’m Reformed and I’m not a fan of the ESV–go figure.) I bought a hardcover and may use it as my main HCSB. I also have a nice HCSB crimson pew Bible. I like the fact that the The Illustrated Study Bible is single column. The photographs shouldn’t be too distracting and the dashes of color are nice (except for the red letters). Does anyone happen to use this as their regular Bible?


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14 Responses to “The Holman Illustrated Study Bible”

  1. 1 Peter M. Lopez

    It’s out of print already? I almost bought one several times, but I kept putting it off and putting it off.

  2. 2 Stan McCullars

    The Illustrated Study Bible has photographs?

    Does it have a swimsuit edition?

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    I don’t think they wore swimsuits back then.


  4. 4 tc robinson

    Stan, I was thinking it was for kids. But you trumped me. 😀

    Plus I’m not along on the ESV.

  5. 5 Scripture Zealot

    It’s like an archeological study Bible.

  6. 6 tc robinson

    Jeff, I’ve thumped through one before. 😀

  7. 7 Jason

    I don’t use it as my primary bible, though I do preach using the HCSB often. I am surprised it’s already out of print. I bought one last year at a huge discount at LifeWay, so I guess I should have seen it coming! Why did it tank?

  8. 8 Scripture Zealot

    I have no idea why it went out of print. Maybe it was a cost issue to produce because of all the color? That’s just a wild guess. With all the Patriot, Green and other whacky Bibles you’d think a more legitimate one would do better although I haven’t looked at it enough to know of the quality of the material except that not all the photos are that great. That was a long sentence.

  9. 9 Stan McCullars

    Maybe they should have had a Swimsuit Edition.

  10. 10 Scripture Zealot

    The MMA Bible is next. Edited by Mark Driscoll.

  11. 11 Stan McCullars

    Sounds cool. I would like to see an object lesson using the rear naked choke.

  12. 12 Scripture Zealot

    I’m not touching that one.

  13. 13 Jason

    Jeff: Just curious what your contention is with the ESV. Do you have a post on that?

  14. 14 Scripture Zealot

    Jason, I try not to write negative posts about translations. There’s enough of that out there and I try to stay positive. I’m also not qualified to be critiquing translations.

    But what I personally don’t care for about the ESV is mainly the archaic language and awkward English (contrary to popular belief). Many people say it reads well but I think those people were brought up on Biblish. I don’t really have much against the translation. I like to use it or the NASB when I do the occasional diagramming.

  1. 1 I've decided on the HCSB Illustrated Study Bible | Scripture Zealot
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