Prayer request for injection

syringe-and-needleI’m getting injectionated tomorrow morning. I will have cortisone injections into my facet joints at L/4-L/5 and L/5-S1. These will also be diagnostic as he will be injecting numbing medication so that if it greatly reduces the pain temporarily, we’ll know that’s where the pain or part of it is coming from.

The hardest thing for me is not thinking ahead. Although the surgery for the herniated disc did what it was supposed to do, it seems there are at least a couple of other problems and they’ve gotten worse at a pretty fast rate since surgery. I wonder about what will happen if this doesn’t work at all. Or if it does work, what if it’s the most minor problem etc. Stop it!

I’m not concerned about needles or pain even though the last injections were more pain than I’ve ever felt in my back because of the fluid pressing on my nerves in the epidural space which my doctor said was very unusual. I just love almost always being the odd one. This should be different, but I am often “the 5%” as I like to say. Pray for whatever you would like. You know how it goes. Thank you.

Matthew 6:34
Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

5 Responses to “Prayer request for injection”

  1. 1 Nick Norelli

    I’ll be praying for you!

  2. 2 roger mugs

    I find when i’m freaked out what helps is giving thanks for other things.. .that way i’m focused on what has gone right rather than what can go wrong…

    good luck… i had that done once in my shoulder… freaked me out… but it seemed to help

  3. 3 Peter M. Lopez

    I pray for a pain-free procedure and speedy recovery, in the mighty name of Jesus.

  4. 4 Gary Zimmerli

    Jeff, you remain in my prayers, as always.

  5. 5 Scripture Zealot

    Unfortunately the numbing medication did nothing so that’s not where the pain is coming from. If anything I hurt a little more, but probably just from sitting while I was there. I’m disappointed but I didn’t have a lot of confidence in this. The next step is an injection in the sacroiliac joint. I’m even less confident about that. I probably shouldn’t do any more injections after that. My ortho told me not to let them turn me into a human pin cushion.

    The procedure was a breeze.

    Thank you very much for the prayers. As we all know, God is listening and responding no matter the outcome.

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