Maybe You Shouldn’t Have a Quiet Time

I’ve read about and heard from so many people who seem to have a hard time having a ‘quiet time’ (I prefer devotional time) every morning.

Even though morning is a common time for prayer (Psalm 5:3), maybe this isn’t the best way to go about it for those who have difficulty. Some might not be morning people. Some may have to get up very early and deal with little munchkins running amok. Some may have a really hard time concentrating.

For those who have a difficult time with it, there is no rule that you must have a 30 minute quiet time in the morning. For some people, feeling a need to “get right with God” by having a quiet time may be bordering on legalism.

If morning isn’t a good time, maybe it would be good to pray some Scripture before even getting out of bed.

Then it might be good to do Bible reading during lunch if possible.

A more concentrated time of prayer could be done after work.

Bible study could be done certain nights during the week and on the weekends.

Some of these things may not be feasible but you get the idea.

I have an hourly chime on my watch and also on my computer for memorizing Scripture. I briefly go over whatever I’m working on at the time. (This method works better for me than repeating something ten times, once a day.) If I start to get so used to the sound on the computer that I don’t hear it, I change it. This also keeps Scripture going through my head much of the day.

Then it’s good to pray right before bed. It doesn’t need to be a lot. I like the idea of praying three times a day.

If you need some inspiration on Bible reading you can find some quotes here.

Obviously this isn’t for everyone but I wanted to post some thoughts based on experience.

Do you have unconventional ways of exercising spiritual disciplines?

2 Responses to “Maybe You Shouldn’t Have a Quiet Time”

  1. 1 brenda

    i’ve also struggled with the regular “quiet time” thing. in evangelical circles, it was always encouraged to start your day off with a good quiet time – and sometimes i did that. for awhile, i went through a ‘read the bible in 2 years’ that i read while eating my morning cereal. another time it was going to a morning prayer meeting or morning prayers. but often it’s a bit more of a roll over in bed for 15 minutes and give thanks to God that it’s morning – or bringing the difficulties of the day before him. other times it’s a conversation with him while biking to (or from) work. other times it’s a quick song played on the piano (or sung).and then for awhile i recognized that the time i really needed to connect with God was in the afternoon, after coming home from studying or working – and just being a bit tired and grouchy with the day – that then was the time to quietly relax with God, to pray, read the Bible (or a spiritual living sort of book), or even nap. and that was good.but in all of the different ways i’ve tried (and i seem to have to change every couple of years), i’ve discovered that there’s no perfect pattern to follow. and that everybody’s life is different. spending time with God has a different flavour when you have a lot more flexibility with your time. and when you have fewer people demanding your time. but like you seem to say, finding different ways to meet God at different times of the day is important –  i can’t imagine not having that joy or strength – and the more ways i know, the more ways i can find to turn myself towards Him (hopefully – assuming it doesn’t become one more thing i have to do – or a goal in itself).thanks for your words!

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    I think you said it better than I did. Thanks for the comment.

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