Software Review: BibleWorks 8 – Part 1 of 3

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A huge thanks goes to Jim Barr at BibleWorks for sending a review copy of BibleWorks 8.

As a preface to this review: I do not have any other commercial Bible software or a previous version of BibleWorks so I won’t be able to make any comparisons. I am an avid e-Sword user and was going to write about why it might be worth it to upgrade to BibleWorks. When I found out that BibleWorks has more features than I could ever imagine, I scrapped that idea. e-Sword is a great program, and not just for the price (free, with additional paid add-ons) but it’s not comparable to BibleWorks.

I will say that for pastors, students and Bible translators, this software in my estimation will save a lot of time. It will make sermon preparation and writing papers go much faster, leaving more time for other duties or studying. For lay people, it depends on your budget and how far you like to go with Bible study. I can’t imagine anyone with the budget for it being disappointed.

Just buying all the translations, books and other reference materials alone would cost far more than the software. To have them not only within the program but all linked to the passage, verse or word you’re studying at lightning fast speed makes it all the more valuable. There are quite a few Hebrew and Greek grammar books like Wallace’s Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics included in the program. I assumed that these were just for reading but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the contents of the books are linked to original language words–so you can learn more about the syntax of a word you’re studying–as is nearly everything else within BibleWorks.

Although one of the strengths of BibleWorks is in working with the original languages, it has so many features for working with English only translations and text that it would be worth the price of the program for this alone. Even if you do work with the original languages, I would suggest starting out with Using BibleWorks and Only English Bibles in the Help file system under Getting Started – Major Tasks.

In this review I would like to write about installing and learning to use the program, highlight a few features that are of interest to me and show you some screenshots in Part 3. See the Full Contents (and capabilities) and their brochure (PDF file) for a feature list.

7 Responses to “Software Review: BibleWorks 8 – Part 1 of 3”

  1. 1 Nathan Stitt

    Looking forward to the rest of your thoughts. And I agree that e-sword is great but there are better things out there.

  2. 2 Brian

    I think it is Jim Barr with two r’s.

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks for the correction Brian.

  4. 4 John Butzu

    Really like your site and hope all goes well with your back and all… Question > How did you get Jim to send you a copy for review?  I have BW7 and there is now way with current finances to upgrade… maybe I could write a review! lol…  Just curious.

  5. 5 Scripture Zealot

    Sorry I forgot to answer you John. I wrote to Jim and told him about my other book reviews, stats for my blog, how I used to review software etc.

  6. 6 John Butzu

    Thanks Jeff – now that I am older I may try the same thing – I design websites and stuff (but still use a freebie for my own personal research). May the Lord richly bless you! Good luck!

  7. 7 Scripture Zealot

    Maybe you can review BW 9.

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