CBD Purchases-Croy’s Greek and The Expositor’s Bible Commentary

Some people wanted to know which beginning Greek book I was going to go with after reading Greek For The Rest Of Us. Although I briefly mentioned what I would be getting in a previous post, on Monday I ordered Croy’s A Primer of Biblical Greek because it’s deductive in style and deals a little bit with the Septuagint. And Mike and Esteban recommend it.

I used a CBD.com gift card and had just a bit left over and came across this–
The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: Introductory Articles, Volume 1 for only $5. I’m sure I saw this mentioned on another blog but can’t remember where. Even though it’s a little old, with names like Bruce and Metzger among many others, I felt I couldn’t go wrong at that price. My library is sorely lacking in reference works other than NT commentaries.

I thought I would mention it in case anyone else might be interested.

5 Responses to “CBD Purchases-Croy’s Greek and The Expositor’s Bible Commentary”

  1. 1 Nick Norelli

    It’s easily the best volume of the 12.

  2. 2 Douglas K. Adu-Boahen

    $5???? I need to roll by there…

  3. 3 john

    Yeah it’s on my wishlist. I just bought a compact Dake KJV for my brother than goes evangelizing with me for his 23rd birthday. I pray he’ll love it, and get great use of it. It was a wonderful deal for 20 dollars.

  4. 4 Nathan Stitt

    I have that whole set, and this volume has great articles. At some point I hope to read it cover to cover.

  5. 5 Iris

    I also have the entire set, and when I use commentaries — they are the ones I use most often. Their level of scholarship and the additional notes on the original languages are very helpful. 

    I have not read the introductory volume yet, but like Nathan would love to read it cover to cover. Oh that all that wonderful information was mine to use~!

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