Review: The NLT One Year Chronological Bible

NLT 24/7 Bible24/7: A One Year Chronological Bible by Tyndale

This review is of the paperback edition which I received from Laura Bartlett at Tyndale. There is also a hardcover edition available.

I have been thinking that I would like to read the NLT translation the next time I read through the whole Bible. So when Laura Bartlett graciously offered a review copy of 24/7 I jumped at the chance.

The last time I read through the Bible I did so in chronological order. Although some may not like the idea of changing the order of the canon of Scripture, I really benefited from reading in this order. I would never use this as a reference or study Bible, only for reading, although the General Timeline and dates would be useful for anyone who doesn’t have a study Bible.

What does 24/7 refer to? To sum up their page devoted to it: “We hope you enjoy this Bible and find that it challenges you to be a Christian 24/7.”

Tyndale says, “The interior art and square shape were designed to appeal to a younger audience.” I’m not sure why square Bibles appeal to young people. Maybe someone could fill me in on that. The aesthetics certainly appeal to a younger audience but it’s not so ‘out there’ that it wouldn’t appeal to any age group.

Below is a picture of the cardboard cover at the left and the Bible at the right. Remember this is the paperback.


The dimensions are 6.50 X 5.00 X 1.75 inches. You can see the relative size here with the middle Bible being the NLT Slimline Large Print:


The paperback version is relatively light and small and would be good for people on the go who want to read during lunch or on the bus. Please don’t read while driving.

Features of this Bible:

  • General Timeline
  • One Year Reading Plan
  • Transition Statements
  • Chronological Dating
  • Daily Reading Guide
  • Scripture Index
  • Verse Callouts (see picture below)
  • Historic Christian Symbols*

*The interior art are woodcuts of historic Christian symbols that Tyndale commissioned for the project.

Click for a larger picture

The woodcut images are visual connections with the early church. There is a different one for each month and they are included on each odd numbered page. I’m ambivalent about this. They are a little distracting and with the thin pages there is bleed through on the even numbered pages. On the other hand, there may be a sense of progress and achievement when going from one graphic to the next and they give the reader a sense of time and history.

The font size is fairly small but the kerning (the adjustment of horizontal space between individual characters in a line of text) is more generous than other editions I’ve seen like the regular slimline and pew editions which greatly helps readability. I’m guessing the font size is approx. 9pt if that means anything to you.

As you can see in the picture above the text goes pretty far into the inside margins which has been a complaint of the slimline editions. It’s not as bad as it looks in the picture because the Bible isn’t being held as one would when reading it, but it is pretty close to the inside.

You can also see a Callout Verse in the picture at the left. I wonder if it would have been better to do without these and have more space for the inside margins. The benefit is to have a verse that may be pivotal and give the reader something to remember and possibly memorize. It also leaves some room for note taking but I don’t imagine this Bible would be used for that.

Dates are often included in the Bible as can be seen in the larger version of the picture above under Jehoshaphat Rules In Judah on the left page which is extremely helpful.

Even with the reservations, overall I think this is a great addition to the NLT lineup and I look forward to using it myself.

ISBN: 1414314116 (Paperback)
ISBN: 1414314108 (Hardcover)
Page Count: 2224
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Release Date: October 2008

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