Calvin on Hebrews

Aside from the Gospels, Colossians and Hebrews are my favorites. John Calvin expresses my sentiments better than I could:

There is indeed, no book in Holy Scripture which speaks so clearly of the priesthood of Christ, which so highly exalts the virtue and dignity of that only true sacrifice which He offered by His death, which so abundantly deals with the use of ceremonies as well as their abrogation, and, in a word, so fully explains that Christ is the end of the Law.

4 Responses to “Calvin on Hebrews”

  1. 1 Michael Flynn

    The book of Hebrews certainly has some difficult passages to fathom regarding the security of one’s salvation.

    What not is difficult is the picture it paints as Jesus the perfect priestly king in the order mechelzedek

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Regarding your first point there certainly has been a lot of discussion on that. I try not to think too hard about it.

    I love the flow and the systematic nature of the whole letter.

  3. 3 Iris

    I am teaching an Institute course on Hebrews right now and am delighting in all of it. It is wonderful in every way. It does throw some of our “neat boxes of doctrine” either away or in a spin. Yet let God be true through every man be false. 
    Christ is indeed the end of the law — in every respect. I so love His grace. 

  4. 4 Joel

    I would agree with Calvin as well, as find it a bewilderment that others after him would have disposed of it, or at the very least, pushed it back. Hebrews presents the clearest connection between the Old and New.

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