I got Paul by F.F. Bruce for $1

Paul Apostle of the Heart Set Free

I got Paul Apostle of the Heart Set Free by F.F. Bruce for $1 from a resale shop today. Having a low book budget I feel very blessed. Has anyone read it? I would imagine I’ll use it for reference as opposed to reading the whole thing like I usually do.

8 Responses to “I got Paul by F.F. Bruce for $1”

  1. 1 Bryan

    I got my copy for free a few years back- one of my friends gave it to me (she wasn’t one for enjoying academic reading). 

  2. 2 Nick Norelli

    Wow!  Great deal!  I haven’t read it, but anything from F. F. Bruce is worth its weight in gold.

  3. 3 Brian

    Yes, its the standard on Paul.  Read it through.

  4. 4 Shaun Tabatt

    Any day you can get a book from an author you respect for $1 is a good day.  Happy reading.

  5. 5 Nathan Stitt

    Nice, I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it.

  6. 6 Scripture Zealot

    Bryan my wife is the same way but she don’t got no books to give me. I need to find a friend like that.

    I probably won’t get to this book for quite a while but I’ll have to write about it when I do.

  7. 7 Robert Jimenez

    Jeff,Anything from F.F. Bruce is great!  This is one of those books I have always wanted to read as well.

  8. 8 Gary Wells

    Excellent book; meaty, slow reading. I’m 3/4 through it, but I tend to mark salient points and re-read alot.  His balanced presentation of competing scholarly thoughts is of significant value. 

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