Test Your View of the NT Use of the OT

Koinonia has a quiz called Test Your View of the NT Use of the OT. Here are my results. I left the quiz on their site because it takes a while to load. (Clever way to advertise their book)

NT Use of the OT — Test Your View!
Single Meaning, Multiple Contexts and Referents view

You seem to be most closely aligned with the Single Meaning, Multiple Contexts and Referents view, a view defended by Darrell L. Bock in the book “Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament” (edited by Kenneth Berding and Jonathan Lunde, Nov. 2008). This view affirms the singular nature of the meanings intended by the OT and NT authors when OT texts are cited in the NT. In spite of this essential unity in meaning, however, the words of the OT authors frequently take on new dimensions of significance and are found to apply appropriately to new referents and new situations as God’s purposes unfold in the larger canonical context. Often, these referents were not in the minds of the OT authors when they penned their texts. For more info, see the book, or attend a special session devoted to the topic at the ETS Annual Meeting in Providence, RI (Nov. 2008); Walter C. Kaiser Jr., Darrell L. Bock, and Peter Enns will all present their views.

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12 Responses to “Test Your View of the NT Use of the OT”

  1. 1 Robert Jimenez

    My response was the same as yours.  I don’t consider myself to be very knowledgeable in this area, so I took my best guess as to what I thought was right.

  2. 2 Nathan Stitt

    I went to take it but didn’t care for the answer options so I quit 😛

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    I think I answered #2 for almost every one. I wonder if they could have mixed up the answers better. In any case I’m a willing pawn in selling their book. (smiley would go here)

  4. 4 Nathan Stitt

    I bought the commentary with the same (similar) name, but I’m not really sure why I should consider getting this book.

  5. 5 Scripture Zealot

    If you’re referring to
    Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament
    by G. K. Beale (Editor), D. A. Carson (Editor)
    I have that on my list and don’t feel a need for anything else.

  6. 6 Nathan Stitt

    That’s the one. I read the intro and I’ve started reading the brief intros to each book and they are pretty interesting so far. I haven’t felt a need to read any specific passages, but the few I’ve looked at so far were great.

  7. 7 Wayne Leman

    I answered #3 on all of them. That represents a shift in my thinking from the teaching of my childhood church as well as my Bible school. But it is a shift which aligns with what I believe to be the integrity of the original text. This is an important concept to me since I am a Bible translator and I believe that I must translate the original human author’s intended meaning, not a later meaning given to that text by N.T. authors (even though I agree with their messianic interpretation) or Bible teachers today.

  8. 8 tc robinson

    Jeff, you and I share the same view.

  9. 9 Kevin Sam

    When I took this quiz, I was surprised to answer more #3 than #2. I think my view on this has changed a bit from seminary. It’s a little bit scary for me to think this.

  10. 10 Scripture Zealot

    Why is it scary? I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened to me. You’re in good company with Wayne and a bunch of others.

  11. 11 Wayne Leman

    Don’t be scared, Kevin. You *might* be getting closer to the truth. We can always hope so. I know that I have never deliberately tried to get farther from the truth. I suspect the same is true for you, as well as anyone else who takes this quiz.

  12. 12 Kevin Sam

    Jeff and Wayne, I appreciate your good words of encouragement.

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