If you would like to compare the NLT1 with the NLTse…

…you can go to Crosswalk which for now has the NLT1 (1996) and go to the NLT web site (lower left) to see the current NLTse.

Some sites like BibleGateway, if you like to go there, have the NLTse but I’m not sure if it’s the 2004 or the slightly tweaked 2007 which the NLT site would certainly have.

There may be others with the NLT1 because many of us have inadvertently quoted from the old one by copying and pasting from the web.

To avoid embarrassment, if you do any critical comparisons on your blog, be sure to quote from the latest.

Tyndale Releases List of Changes to “NLT 2007”

4 Responses to “If you would like to compare the NLT1 with the NLTse…”

  1. 1 Keith Williams

    Bible Gateway does not have the most recent NLT text, and I can confirm that the NLT site does indeed have the 2007 changes.

    Another place where people can find the most up-to-date NLT text is in the online version of the NLT Study Bible, where anyone can get 30 days of access to the NLT along with all of the study helps available in the print version (you get lifetime access free with purchase of a print edition).

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks for the confirmations. I briefly thought about the NLT Study Bible site but forgot to mention it so I’m glad you did.

  3. 3 Nathan Stitt

    Or you can just buy a print copy of both like I did 8)

  4. 4 Scripture Zealot

    I was going to, but I might buy an NLT Personal Edition in addition to the NLTSB which I have now. A third one would be a little much. I’ve gotten to like the NLT more and more which is confusing my decision(s) of what to use for what.

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