And now a word from our sponsors

Please excuse this off-topic advertisement.

One way you can support these biblioblogs and support each other is by buying the books we buy from Amazon through another site’s gateway. The right sidebar of this blog has an search form. If you search for any book and go to Amazon’s site and order any book thereafter, the site/blog owner will get a tiny commission with no difference in price to the buyer.

I have to admit that I’ve completely overlooked doing this when I buy books from Amazon. (You can’t buy books through your own link and get a commission.) So whether it’s this blog or your (other) favorite blog, help them out by buying your books through someone who has a gateway. Or if you’re really well off and want to make someone’s day, buy a book from their wish list if they have one, especially for us lower middle class folks or those who are pastors, teachers etc.

Some people like Nick even have an Amazon store.

I don’t mean to try to take away from CBD, Westminster and others. They need the business too.

Thank you for your support.

I hope to put up more resources in addition to the Heidelberg Confession in the future.

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  1. 1 Stan McCullars

    Great idea!

    My last book purchase was through Nick’s Amazon store after he recommended a book to me.

    I plan on making the support these biblioblogs a habit.

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